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In Orlando, FL snakes are found just about everywhere. From the farm Lands of Orlando, FL to the city streets in Orlando, FL, snakes can be found. Just because you live in the suburbs doesn’t mean you won’t run into a snake in the yard or even in your garage.

English: A Bblack rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta ... English: A Bblack rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta). The keeled scales, white chin and lighter ventral scales are keys to identifying it. Notice the opaque (blue) eyes which mean the snake is in “molt” and will shed its skin in a week or so. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Orlando, FL suburbs most snake bites occur when working in the landscaping or the pruning of ground cover shrubs and bush. It is always good to wear gloves and pay attention to the area you are working in. Most snakes will try their best to avoid you if you give them the…

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