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Saint Cloud, Florida Bat Removal from LOCAL HOME 772-245-6859

Evening bat

Evening bat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a call recently about a bat that was flying around in a young ladies house. It was almost eleven O’ Clock in the evening and I was close to ending my evening.  The call came in and I had only just answered as I heard a very distraught young female on the other end of the line.  It seemed that young Janet after coming home found a bat flying around in her home. After screaming a bit she grabbed hold of her phone and called us.

After calming her down and getting her address I was on my way. Traffic in Saint Cloud Florida can be tricky to say the least. Traffic in Florida can cause a multitude of delays. When calling a wildlife control agent understand that sometimes we can be delayed. After calming her down I was on my way.

When I arrived she was pleasant and scared yet o gentile. Janet asked us in and told us again what it was that had her call us in the first place.  After listening again and seeing her home we began our bat removal investigation. After a few minutes we were able to find the free flying bat i the house. It was hanging in the living room curtain.

In that investigation we found over 500 lbs. of bat guano in that attic. It was extremely disturbing to the homeowner and the home owners insurance was contacted. In this attic restoration or bat colony removal we were able to help the homeowner and document key aspects of true bat removal.

With special thanks to The Wildlife Professionals in Orlando, Florida 772-245-6859



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